Tracking Hardware Designed And Made In Norway

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Did you know that we develop and produce all of our GPS tracking hardware for the European market in Norway? It is important for us to keep the production in Norway, which is also the home of our Headquarters, to ensure we meet the product quality that our customers expect. We are not the cheapest supplier of vehicle trackers in the market, however we know that we offer the best quality.

Made in Norway is a measure of quality

At least we think so. Yes, the cost of producing the tracking hardware in Norway is high, but there also many benefits, especially when our Research and Creativity department are also stationed here.

  • We know the factory and where our products are being produced
  • We visit the factory frequently
  • The risk of misunderstandings are significantly reduced
  • We know that the handwork and craft are done thoroughly
  • Input and communication regarding product development can be communicated directly

Everything in one county

Norautron’s factory, where we produce our hardware, is located just a 30 minute drive from our Headquarters. This means that we can be on-site in short notice to inspect and discuss solutions. This advantage is close to priceless. We can inspect prototypes and discuss possible directions with the producer, where it is all being made. This makes it easy to make necessary changes as we go.

The future of production remains in Norway

Norautron is a great partner to ABAX today, and we have no plans in changing the location or country for our production of hardware. Norautron has factories in Norway, Sweden, Poland and China, but we will stick to Norway to have the continued control. Like us, Norautron follow the ISO standards ISO 9000 and ISO 14001, as well as several other standards and certificates that ensure the quality of their production.

We feel proud to have our hardware produced in Norway. This ensures that our customers gets the best possible products and services!