ABAX to strengthen investment with integrations - recruits from 24sevenoffice

ABAX recruits from 24SevenOffice

ABAX has had incredible growth over the last 10 years and has made several key personnel acquisitions from major competitors such as FleetMatics (now Verizon Connect). Today, ABAX are now announcing yet another new member which will strengthen their position in the market in integrations. 


–    We are happy to announce that Björn Brustad takes the role as Commercial Integration Manager, he comes from 24SevenOffice were he was involved in establishing their footprint. 

Per Christian Andersen, Director Indirect Sales Channels & Partnerships.


The customer builds their own ECO system

As customers place greater demands and higher expectations, ABAX has responded by strengthening its operations within integrations. This will be a complete solution for the customer.

–   ABAX must take a leading and broader role, we must think of complete solutions. By working with third parties, who can complement our system and the customer can build their own ECO system, says Per Christian Andersen, Director Indirect Sales Channels & Partnerships


New Commercial Integration Manager 

Björn Brustad takes on the role as Commercial Integration Manager and becomes a bridge between the customer, the partner and the developers. In other words, an important strategic investment for ABAX. Brustad most recently came from the product department at 24SevenOffice, where he led a team of product owners bringing great software experience into ABAX.

–   It is exciting to be involved in the development with commercial integrations. I am passionate about building one platform as an information source for the customer, Brustad says.

Bjørn Brustad, New Commercial Integration Manager at ABAX

Information sharing is the future 

ABAX has worked hard in recent years to improve its open API to be able to both receive and send information. Connecting several partners, sharing information and gathering several solutions under one roof is the future, the customer wants everything in one place.

–    My job is to ensure that ABAX keeps progressing and that we keep responding quickly. In 2 years, we will be the natural point for partners to go to, to share information, says Brustad.

ABAX already has several integrations today, including EasyPark, Autoplan and order management, and earlier this year launched a development portal to work even more dedicatedly with integrations and information sharing.


Short information: 

Name: Bjørn Brustad
Age: 41 years old
Family: Wife and two girls
Lives: Skien, Norway 
Current with: New Commercial Integration Manager at ABAX


For more information please contact: 

Per Christian Andersen, Director Indirect Sales Channels & Partnerships
Email: per.andersen@abax.no
Mobile: +47 94439000

Bjørn Brustad, Commercial Integration Manager
Email: bjorn.brustad@abax.com
Mobile: +47 48168793