What are the benefits of tracking machinery usage?

Predictive maintenance. Eliminate downtime. Plant Hire control.

Plant and equipment tracking is more than live location and theft recovery. With a tracking device comes data that can increase efficiency and lower costs by providing historical reports, servicing alerts direct to your mobile and predictive maintenance based on engine hours. Is it time to optimise your machinery?

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How does ABAX usage tracking reduce costs and increase productivity?

Wired Hardware

One device will monitor real-time location, servicing and engine hours.

Servicing Alerts

Receive predictive maintenance alerts based on dates and usage hours.

Predictive Maintenance

Monitor engine hours and plan maintenance to decrease equipment downtime and increase productivity.

Future Proof Technology

We design, manufacture, test and update in-house, so you can be confident that you are getting a system that evolves with the latest technology.

Report with impact

User-friendly reports with the information you need, scheduled when you need it.

Plant Hire control

Ensure leased equipment is used in accordance with the agreed terms and accurately invoiced. 

Eliminate Equipment downtime

Well-maintained machinery is safer, more efficient and more reliable. 


An open API allows ABAX to communicate with your other systems.

Do you want to eliminate equipment downtime?

Monitor when and how your plant and equipment is used, access user friendly reports that matter and receive predictive maintenance and servicing based on engine hours - so you can avoid unexpected machinery downtime. Well-maintained machinery is safer, more efficient and more reliable. Do you want to eliminate equipment downtime?


Are you a Plant Hire company? Use our system to maximise profit and accountability. Track how your customers use your machinery, ensure the terms and conditions are followed and supply digital, accurate invoices.


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