Are Your Company Vehicles Driven By Multiple Employees?

It can be difficult to gather mileage information when your company vehicles are driven by multiple employees. Streamline this process with an automatic system, here.

ABAX Driver ID

Ideal if your vehicles are being driven by multiple employees

ABAX Driver ID (driver identification) is ideal for companies that operate pool vans or pool cars. The system automatically gathers all trip information required by HMRC and connects it to the associated driver and vehicle.


With ABAX Driver ID you have:

• More control of your fleet of vehicles

• A simple, paperless way to complete mileage claims

• RFID-reader with up to 6 years battery capacity

• Wireless communication with your ABAX hardware

• A system that utilises your company RFID-cards:

- EM4000


- ID06


Easy To Mount And Use

For easy access, the ABAX RFID Reader is mounted on the vehicle dashboard via Velcro. To log in to a vehicle, firmly press a RFID card against the Reader. If your company uses their own RFID cards, you can use these for log in.


Log In With ABAX Triplog Mobile App

The mileage claim mobile app will automatically list all vehicles in the near vicinity with the use of GPS signals. You can also use the app for administration of all your trips. In the mobile app choose “Settings” and then “Vehicle settings”. The vehicles close to you will be listed. If in need, you can also search for a vehicle. Click the vehicle you wish to log in to. When you’re done with the vehicle, you log out as usual (by pushing the green button).

The ABAX Triplog mobile app is available in App Store and Google Play.


Stay HMRC Compliant

When the system is introduced, employee RFID cards are registered and RFID Readers are paired to vehicles. As per HMRC tax requirements, all business trip data is accurately logged and associated to the specific driver and vehicle. Your company and employees can then rest assured that the mileage logs for your pool fleet are completed digitally, automatically and meet HMRC compliance.

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