The History Of ABAX

Let’s navigate back in time to how the small, Norwegian startup evolved into a significant SaaS company with phenomenal growth.

The recipe of success has been setting extravagant goals as our internal technology department developed what the customer was asking for, and then some.

Morten Strand - CEO

How we got here

It all started in the small town of Larvik; Norway in 2007. The entrepreneurs Bjørn Erik Brandsæter Helgeland and Petter Quinsgaard had an idea of being the solution provider for basic tracking needs through high-quality GPS positioning.

With a significant in-house development team, ABAX soon found new ways in using data going from being hardware-centric to hardware agnostic to help the customer manage their assets, in new ways.

In 2022, we simplify the everyday life of our customers by providing intuitive solutions that help them become more efficient.