The Future of ABAX

We bring people, technologies, data, and ideas together to develop solutions for the world of tomorrow.

The value of data lies in the benefits provided to our customers. We strive to find the next perspective and use technology and data to develop solutions for the future challenges and opportunities, for the business, society, and environment.

ABAX Smart Mobility

With ABAX, you can turn that data into insights that help you lower your total cost of mobility, and manage your business more efficiently, saving time, resources, and money. All in all, give you peace of mind.


ABAX Smart Mobility will increase the lifespan of your company assets. With smarter usage of your assets, the lifetime of your assets will increase, there will be less waste in lost tools and the energy consumption will go down.


Your operations can be optimised through insight. When acting on data your company will increase the safety within your fleet and raise the lifespan and the cost of maintenance and fuel usage will go down.


ABAX Smart Mobility will be beneficial economically on many levels. The cut in fuel consumption is the first most obvious cost-saver together with minimising downtime. The improved utilisation and added-value services like data-driven insurance and leasing will help decrease the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).