About ABAX

Technology is changing the way the world works. This is happening in an ever increasing pace and affects all parts of our working day. For ABAX this means that we constantly need to be at the forefront of providing smart solutions that will give you easy access to all parts of your work, regardless if you're in your car, at the office or out in the field. That is why our Mission Statement is “Solutions provider for the connected workspace”. 


Our services help customers stay updated, be more effective and save costs by providing world class Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. ABAX is the fastest growing telematics company in Europe (Berg Insight, 15th September 2016) focusing on delivering IoT solutions that maximises value.

By providing mobility, flexibility and usability, ABAX believes in a connected, seamlessly integrated IoT domain, which solves everyday problems of our target group. Every aspect of our service communicates together to provide the essence of mobility and the flagship of any telematics solution.

Our business model is based on a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. We have built one, fully integrated software platform architecture, scalable for all future innovation services. All our hardware, software and products are “plug and play”.

At ABAX there are 300 employees divided between sales, customer care, marketing, support, administration, quality and development. We have offices in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Poland and the UK. The ABAX head office is located in Larvik, Norway.

Vision & Values


We differentiate ourselves from our competitors in everything we do. Our vision is to be the difference for both our employees and customers. That is why the company vision is: "The difference is ABAX™". This vision is embodied throughout the entire value chain and implemented in all internal and external communications.

To sharpen our competitive edge in one of the fastest growing markets in the world, we have based our business model on three essential elements: "People, Technology and Services".

We have organised ABAX as a planet because it enables us to apply best practices with regards to "People, Technology and Products". This makes us agile and adaptive — and keeps us ahead of changes in our markets. Optimal performance is also fundamental to our core values: "Profitable, First and Enthusiastic".

ABAX's social mission is Being a solutions provider for the connected workspace.


ABAX was founded in 2003 but the focus on GPS vehicle tracking first began after a collaboration with ETS (Electronic Tracking System) in 2009.

In 2011, a goal was outlined to establish a common, innovative atmosphere and be at the forefront of technology, product development and sales of tracking solutions for both private and business sectors. Today, ABAX has firmly established themselves as a market leader in the telematics industry by developing and delivering GPS tracking, electronic triplogs, equipment & vehicle control systems and project management systems.

ABAX began in Norway, but growth saw progression into the Nordic regions, Europe and China. As of 2017, the ABAX Head Office is located in Larvik, Norway with additional operations in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Poland, China and the UK. ABAX currently has over 450 employees divided amongst sales, customer services, marketing, quality, administration, finance and development departments. Based on research from Berg Insight (Berg Insight, 15th September 2016), ABAX was the fastest growing telematics company in Europe, growing by 50 per cent in 2015. The growth is a combination of organic and inorganic growth fuelled by high sales, profitable operations and new acquisitions.   

6th June 2017, a change of ownership for ABAX was announced. Norvestor Equity AS sold ABAX for 1.8 billion NOK to the global investment company Investcorp.

ABAX is currently owned by Investcorp.


One of ABAX’s superior goals is to have satisfied customers. This is the reason why we have developed a management system to ensure that we can comply with our customers demands, our internal demands, demands from the authorities and the demands in the ISO- standards 9001 (quality management), 14001 (environment management) and 27001 (information security management).


ISO 9001 is the pillar of the ISO-family, and addresses quality management. ABAX will supply stable, high quality to our customers, thereby ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. We will fulfill the ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 standard requirements so our customers feel safe knowing they are dealing with a serious and responsible supplier, who takes into consideration the customers' needs of expected quality, environmental responsibility and customers' data security.

Our quality level must be a sensible balance between customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and costs.

ABAX's Quality goals:

  • ABAX shall have the most happy and engaged employees in Europe, with > 80% satisfaction rates
  • The well-being inquiry takes place twice a year
  • ABAX shall have > 80% satisfied customers
  • CSI/customer inquiries takes place once a year 


ISO 14001 addresses environmental management. In ABAX we want to contribute to the environment in a positive manner, and have therefore chosen certification according to this ISO-standard as an instrument in this regard. 

At ABAX we take care of the environment in all our activities. We will always try to reduce our negative environmental impact and change it to a positive direction.

We achieve this by:

  • Being aware of the impact of our activities in the environment from product development, manufacturing, distribution, utilization and finally recycling.
  • Value environmental issues during the development of new products and services.
  • Highlight environmental issues in logistics and choice of partners.
  • Make our customers aware of their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Fulfil all relevant legal requirements.
  • Monitor our environment performance and continuously set up new goals.  


ISO 27001 addresses information security management. We record and store data on behalf of our customers. This is considered as personal information that must be treated according to the privacy act, and safeguarded in the best possible manner. By complying with this standard we secure methodical and continuous efforts in the area of information security. Through the process of adapting this standard we have introduced a number of measures improving the information security level in the company. 

The goals of ABAX’s Information Security are:

  • 0 breaches that affect personal data in our production systems
  • Up-time in production systems over 99.5% 

We will continue to improve our processes in all of these areas. This to ensure that our customers can rely on doing business with a supplier that focus on these matters and protects the interests of its customers. A supplier that not only do things right, but also do the right things.

The difference is ABAX™


We are a diverse, committed team. ABAX employees range in age from 18 to 70 and employee absence ranks just above 2 per cent. We strongly believe that if we take care of our employees, they will take care of our customers. Another key to our success is that ABAX employees live by the company’s Mission, Vision and Values in their daily work routines. We take pride in that ABAX workplaces are pleasant and designed for personal advancement and fulfillment. We do our utmost to facilitate employee satisfaction — at work and in their free time, as we believe that happy employees will in return provide better service and customer experience to you as our customer. 


The ABAX unit is the core of our hardware solution. It is a well-proven technology that has been continuously updated and developed over the last 10 years. It is an all-around solution that communicates via all of the world’s mobile networks and features the latest available GPS technology. Combined with our radio technology, this means that ABAX can use three positioning platforms: GSM positioning, radio direction finding, and GPS positioning. Technology leadership ensures that ABAX customers receive the best quality products and services.


Technology is changing the way the world works. This is happening in an ever-increasing pace and affects all parts of our working day. For ABAX this means that we constantly need to be at the forefront of providing smart solutions that will give you easy access to all parts of your work, regardless if you're in your car, at the office or out in the field. All our products are developed to meet specific market needs, straightforward and easy to install, and significantly benefit customers' operations. ABAX both develops and owns the company's products and systems. Hardware, software and all products are “plug and play” for easy installation by our customers.