ABAX Triplog: Tesla Model S


Installation type:

Windshield & concealed

Estimated installation time:

10 minutes

Required tools:

Flat head screwdriver, 10mm and 13mm socket drive


Red wire:

For permanent power

Black wire:

For ground (earth)

Do not mount the unit under metal as it may interfere with GPS signal strength

Although the following guide applies to the ‘Tesla Model S’, the principle would remain the same for all electric cars. All of the non-powertrain components for the vehicle will operate from a standard 12V battery like any combustion engine car. This battery is completely separate from the main powertrain battery of the vehicle. If you are unsure, please contact the vehicle manufacturer to establish the location of the 12V battery.

Tesla Model Concealed Installation

Remove the covers from under the bonnet by detaching the three plastic clips with the flathead screwdriver.

Tesla Model Concealed Installation

The lower cover has two breather pipes that also need to be removed. They simply pull off.

Tesla Model Concealed Installation

Remove the air scoop. The mountings are located at either end.

Tesla Model Concealed Installation

For a windshield installation, make sure the unit will not interfere with the windscreen wipers. If you would prefer for the unit to be concealed, mount to the rear of the glass and place as high up as possible. The unit must sit above the line of the metal bonnet in order to acquire a stable GPS signal.

Clean and dry the mounting area with the supplied cleansing wipe. Feed the cable underneath the vehicle bonnet ensuring it does not get pinched. Connect the red wire to the positive vehicle battery terminal. Connect the black wire to the negative vehicle battery terminal.

If the unit is receiving power, an LED light will blink red for 1 minute, and then blink blue for up to 9 minutes. When start up is complete, the LED will stop blinking. You do not need to wait for this process to complete.

Please make note of the vehicle registration number, vehicle mileage and the main driver. Give these details to your administrator together with the units MUF-number which is located on the box.

Tesla Model Concealed Installation


Tesla Model Concealed Installation