We at ABAX are as concerned about the COVID-19 virus as you are and have taken serious steps to help reduce the spread. These measures and procedures are in place to balance the job to help reduce the spread of the virus whilst maintaining our business as close to usual as possible.

To help alleviate concerns and clarify to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, we have put various measures in place:

Internal measures:

  • ABAX have tested working from home for all employees prior to the outbreak and are as of 13th March advising most of our staff to work remotely. This should not affect customer facing activities significantly
  • ABAX will continue to meet with potential customers as long as the customer feels comfortable. Otherwise meetings will be conducted over the web and/ or telephone
  • ABAX will not conduct meetings where larger groups of people are gathered, such as information meetings
  • Meetings at our offices with suppliers and the like, will be reduced to an absolute minimum
  • Travel by plane, train or bus will be suspended unless business critical and only through the approval of Group Management
  • Our canteen is closed until further notice

External measures:

  • ABAX have secured the continuous delivery of our products for the next 6 months
  • ABAX will work with its suppliers and be diligent about informing any major changes to our value chain in due time

As a technology company we all have the possibility to work remotely and we will do anything to help our customers and partners. Please don`t hesitate to contact us with any questions on this matter.



Bruce Atle Karlsen

Chief Performance Officer