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Noudatamme kuluttajansuojalakia, joten kuluttaja-asiakkaalla on 14 päivän palautusoikeus tilaamilleen tuotteille laskien siitä päivästä, kun tilauksen viimeinen lähetys on saapunut asiakkaalle. Palautettavien tuotteiden tulee olla ehjiä sekä alkuperäisessä pakkauksessaan. Kun olemme vastaanottaneet palautetut tuotteet, hyvitämme tuotteen hinnan asiakkaalle.

Sub Data Processors

Sub Data Processors:



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On your request we cooperate with Mekonomen in order to ensure Installation of your ABAX units.


Skan-Kontroll Norway In your request and only after signing a legal contract we share certain data with Skan-Kontroll in order to enable our after theft recovery solution. http://www.skan-kontroll.no/
Telenor Norway Telenor delivers connectivity to our sensors.  https://www.telenor.no
Visma BWise AS Norway Bwise help us operate our business intelligence system.  https://www.visma.no/business-intelligence/
HG Datapartner Norway Delivers our ERP system Navision. http://www.hg-gruppen.no
ITX Norge AS Norway Delivers our internal phone and commitioning systems.  http://www.itxnorge.no/
Ferde Norway On your request and only after signing legal contract we cooperate with Ferde to deliver Toll Road service including ferry.  https://ferde.no/
B&T Signaal Norway On your request and only after signing legal contract we cooperate with B&T Signaal to deliver out Toll Road service.  http://btsignaal.com/company/ 
ProffCom AS Norway ProffCom delivers resources to our customers service support function  https://www.proffcom.no
Easy-Park Sweden On your request and only after signing legal contract on this service we share certain data with Easy Park to enable this service.  https://easypark.no/

Caruso Dataplace


On your request and only after signing legal contract we can share certain data in order to offer new and better services. 


Skyrise sp Z.o.o.


Some of our development is outsorced to Skyrise sp Z.o.o. 


Ruptela UAB


Supplier of our Fleet Management Solution.


HubSpot Ireland We use HubSpot to communication with our customers and prospects as well as building additional webpages on abax.com https://hubspot.com 
Other ABAX Group Companies      

Sub Data Processors - Third countries

As a result of the recent Court of Justice of the European Union ruling on data transfers, invalidating the Privacy Shield, ABAX will be moving to Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) for transfers of online advertising and measurement personal data out of the EU/EEA.

Any questions regarding this? Please get in touch with our Data Protection Officer, Christine Blomquist, on dpo@abax.no 

Sub Processors



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Zapier USA We use Zapier to set up integrations https://zapier.com/
Twilio Sendgrid USA We use Twilio Sendgrid to communicate with you via SMS and email https://www.twilio.com / www.sendgrid.com