AVRO and ABAX partnership

ABAX and AVRO announce new partnership to benefit UK recovery operators

Leading telematics provider ABAX has recently agreed a new partnership with the UK’s most high-profile trade association for recovery operators.

The synergy between the two businesses is set to provide a wealth of benefits for AVRO’s members. As the UK’s oldest-established and leading trade association for recovery operators – the association’s primary aim has always been to raise the standards in the recovery industry. This link with ABAX is the next step in maintaining the approach, providing members with an opportunity to gain comprehensive visibility of all assets within their business, from vehicles and equipment right through to tools at a special rate.

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More than just vehicle telematics

While ABAX are largely known for their vehicle telematics solutions, in recent years the business has also rapidly expanded into data-driven Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This can be seen in the company’s recent investment into its driving behaviour solution. Through proactively monitoring the way customers used the system, ABAX were able to design and develop a user interface that makes it much easier to analyse data, such as fleet trends and driving patterns, and draw actionable conclusions in areas such as improving fuel costs and emissions.

The reality of vehicle thefts remains a very real threat. Figures reported by Comparethemarket.com in 2021 found that vehicle theft of vans has risen by 81% between 2015 -2019 and by 2030, over 20,000 vans could be stolen every year in the UK. Alongside this figure, it was found that 67% of van-breaks-ins result in stolen tools – meaning the demand for accurate and comprehensive solutions such as ABAX is set to increase.

Adding value to all AVRO members' fleets

Graham Steadman AVRO

Graham Steedman, AVRO Business Adviser commented,

‘’AVRO are delighted to introduce ABAX as our business partner specialising in providing our members with another great benefit. ABAX provides a leading solution to get a complete overview of members' fleets."

“I appreciate there are many telematic options out there, however, once this simple small device is easily self-installed onto your vehicles, tools or kit bags, it is staggering what information it can provide and at a very competitive price. We think carefully about who we choose as our business partners and we are very confident the service and product ABAX will provide will be of great value for all AVRO members!‘’

ABAX UK Commercial Director Kevin Bull added:

“We are very excited about this new partnership and are looking forward to showing AVRO members the huge benefits on offer through our telematics solutions. The beauty of the products available to them is that they are designed to be easily installed while providing huge amounts of valuable data to help track, protect and secure their vehicles and other assets.”

To learn more about the benefits provided to AVRO members through this partnership, you can visit the AVRO website here.



Tamara Baranova
UK Marketing Manager