The Difference is…

About ABAX


We are a diverse, committed team. ABAX employees range in age from 22 to 71 and employee absence ranks just above 4 per cent. We strongly believe that if we take care of our employees, they will take care of our customers. 

Abaxians live by the mission, vision and values in their daily work. We are proud of our workplace. It encourages an atmosphere where personal advancement and job fulfilment thrives. We use processes that optimize employee satisfaction during and out of work hours because we have experienced firsthand that engaged and fulfilled employees provide better service and an improved customer experience. 



As one of the very few in our industry ABAX has full ownership of the complete value chain – from sensor to user experience, on web and in apps, giving us the greatest level of flexibility and control over all aspects of our offering. It allows us to select what new technologies to invest in, ensuring we continue to align with our objective of solving customer problems.

ABAX is rooted in offering premium quality, which is why we offer a life time warrantee to ABAX customers.

As the market leader in the Nordic region ABAX offers the same premium service in each of our markets.  With complete control of our technology, our ability and willingness to invest, adapt and change ensures that our services will be relevant far into the future.



We have recorded over 1 billion journey’s with our devices giving us great insight into the services we provide our customers. We build solutions to solve customers’ problems that yield them higher profits in a simplified, connected workspace. 

ABAX has made a commitment to managing and auditing our products and services because it is important that we consistently provide better solutions. Our products are certified by stringent accreditation providers and we have a dedicated department that assesses our daily performance to ensure we undergo continuous improvement, in line with customer needs.

In today’s world, customers are demanding higher-quality products with more customizable solutions which is why we ensure our devices are digitally updated giving access to new services as we grow.



The Solutions Provider for the Connected Workspace

We connect your assets and provide you with a SIMPLY CONNECTED management system to locate and assess each vehicle, machine or piece of movable equipment. We are THE solutions provider that CONNECTS your entire WORKSPACE.



The Difference is ABAX

Our vision is essential to our culture. We deliver services and run our business in a way that separates us from our competitors, so we are able to say every day: The difference is ABAX. 

  • Having ownership of the entire value chain 
  • Norwegian Innovation
  • Fastest growing telematics company in Europe*
  • 1 000 000 000 recorded journey’s and counting
  • One service, multiple solutions



Act fast on all enquiries. Quick decisions, and first to market with new solutions.


We should all be enthusiastic by nature, and be passionate about the tasks we are assigned. We should contribute to a good and fun work environment, stay positive and care for and inspire our colleagues


Always prioritize and focus on profitable activities, and create value every day. This should be directly transferred to our customers who will have a more profitable workday with the use of our solutions.



ABAX has always maintained a commitment to providing a high quality service in an interesting and evolving workspace continuously improving governance, social and environmental goals and policies. With this mindset, we have been able to improve our business using ESG principles to ensure that organisational longevity and long-term results are experienced by all who come into contact with us because the difference is…. ABAX.



ABAX has offices across Europe serving many different geographies which brings with it some challenges. However, we have strategically chosen to organise all locations as one business planet, the ABAX Planet, where each person is part of a greater entity and shares in one global culture, moulded by us all. This centralised approach filters down, from the way we govern our organisation to how each employee feels. This is something we are very proud of. 

ABAX is owned, in part, by 200 of its employees. We all share in our successes and failures and this responsibility to each other is prevalent in so much that we do here at ABAX. We’ve taken time to build processes and evaluations into the way we run our business whether it be our biannual leadership evaluations and employee satisfaction surveys, or our Performance Follow Up’s (PFU’s) that take place every other month helping each employee, leader or team player, dive fully into their role and take active ownership of their outcomes.



Socially, we invest in increasing the level of engagement and happiness within all of our offices around Europe. Our goal is to have a minimum of 80% happy and engaged employees working for ABAX. As a company who is used to evolving all the time this means we are learning and growing simultaneously and we want our people to be a part of creating that journey. 

With our continuous development ethos, we work with employees to understand their role and level of involvement within the organisation. As people are the key driving force behind success we train them to think independently and to solve problems using the ABAX tools and processes as supporting blocks on which to build. 


Being part of this programme is a sought-after and lifetime journey at ABAX that offers representatives a variety of trainings and challenges. We focus on building deeper business insight into the entire value chain which leads to heightened personal and professional understanding & development for each person involved. 

Ambassadors have reported feeling far more valuable to the organisation. With a greater sense of responsibility and performance, the programme offers them a different type of platform to lead, earning them deeper respect within their roles. Once an ABAX Ambassador, always an Ambassador, with annual updates and commitments that continue to enrich the experience for Ambassador and value gained for ABAX. 


At ABAX we believe in Equal Pay and have taken a stand on equality in the workplace. We are strengthening our gender ratio, comprising of 40% female employees, and using initiatives such as the Female Leadership Programme to develop leadership experience. Additionally we adopt a recruitment practise that is geared to finding the right females to join our team. 

Striving for a gender neutral business environment within our organisation aims to affect the technology industry as a whole and in particular, females leaders within the technology industry. We have piloted a one year programme to develop the professional careers of women in the organisation. Thus far we have worked with 14 young women across the 7 geographies we serve. 


Working at ABAX is an adventure.

Our working environments are vibrant and built to inspire our employees to support our passionate commitment to continuous development. We offer development programmes within the organisation as well as one-on-one performance coaching. 

With our Head Quarters in Larvik, Norway we have brought a strong local influence to our community attracting international talent consistently. ABAX facilitates an exciting integration into the local community and focuses on optimising work-life balance for all geographies falling within the ABAX Planet. No matter what country our employees reside, we are proud to share in our well-earned, centralised culture promoting success, fun and a sense of evolution. 

We have always employed ABAXians based on so much more than resume. We believe that attitude and personality play a very important role in ensuring that a candidate will be able to adopt the ABAX way, and be ‘The Difference’. 


The global green-movement is inspiring and highly prevalent within the geographies we serve. As a technology company, in an ever changing world, we are always looking to the future to provide our customers with solutions that will improve their business productivity while at the same time reduce their impact on the environment. 

The ABAX Solution offers customers not only cost saving, risk reducing solutions that provide complete control of their vehicles & assets but our services improve fuel consumption and reduce wear-and-tear & replacement costs on these assets lessening the carbon footprint of over 320 000 vehicles and 60 000 pieces of equipment. As we grow, fulfilling the values of being FIRST, ENTHUSTIASTIC and PROFITABLE, so too does the environmental efficiency of the clients we serve!


We focus on international ISO standards because it instils in us an external locus of accountability which strengthens the effectiveness of our business processes and the management systems. Customers can share in our confidence that ABAX standards are always striving to be higher, resulting in superior service & expertise in our industry and optimised customer satisfaction.


ISO 9001 is the pillar of the ISO-family, and addresses quality management. ABAX will supply stable, high quality to our customers, thereby ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. We will fulfil the ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 standard requirements so our customers feel safe knowing they are dealing with a serious and responsible supplier who takes into consideration customer needs of expected quality, environmental responsibility and customer data security. Our quality level must be a sensible balance between customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and costs.

ABAX has been awarded numerous certifications to further build quality into each part of our business. The TÜV Rheinland certification mark that appears on our ABAX 5 device and is a sign of the type of stringent testing we outsource to accredited third party auditors, supported by regular surveillance audits. 

ABAX's Quality goals:

  • ABAX shall have > 80% satisfied customers
  • Happy and engaged employees in Europe, with > 80% satisfaction rates
  • Focus on customer requirements and preferences
  • Improve leadership within the company
  • Find ways to continually improve


ISO 14001 addresses environmental management. In ABAX we want to contribute to the environment in a positive manner and have therefore chosen to be certified according to this ISO-standard. 

At ABAX we take care of the environment in all our activities. We will always try to reduce our negative environmental impact and steer it into a positive direction.

We achieve this by:

  • Being aware of the impact of our activities in the environment from product development, manufacturing, distribution, utilization and finally recycling.
  • Value environmental issues during the development of new products and services.
  • Highlight environmental issues in logistics and choice of partners.
  • Make our customers aware of their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Fulfil all relevant legal requirements.
  • Monitor our environment performance and continuously set up new goals.  
  • Acting or employing partners who act ethically and environmentally safely in all that we do.
  • Seeking to assess, manage and avoid or minimize environmental damage. Promote greater responsibility.

Choosing suppliers for our organisation is a scrutinized process because it is important for us to know that what we promise our customers is reflected throughout organisational decisions, for example, we ensure the suppliers we choose are also ISO Certified.



ISO 27001 addresses information security management. We record and store data on behalf of our customers. Personal information must be treated according to GDPR, and local privacy regulations, and safeguarded in the best possible manner. By complying with this standard we secure methodical and continuous efforts in the area of information security. Through the process of adapting this standard we have introduced a number of measures improving the information security level in the company. 

ABAX adopts a strict ZERO breach policy to secure and protect our clients and their employees information. Our software security infrastructure detects and prevents online threats and automatically updates our devices remotely meaning that our service is always running on the newest technology improvements.  

An important security tool for ABAX is the appointed Security Council which monitors and amends decisions around security, both on and offline. We frequently work with experts to ensure security remains a priority within our tech organisation. This team follows the security culture of all the employees closely and measures this regularly because, in an organisation where work is primarily digital, we need an establishment that respects compliance and security thinking. 

Owning the entire value chain provides us many benefits, one of which is that we are able to integrate security decisions from product design through to launch-to-market and beyond, using technology that optimizes stability, security and performance. 

We will continue to improve our processes in all of these areas. This ensures that our customers can rely on doing business with a partner that focus on these matters and protects the interests of its customers. A technology partner that not only does things right, but does the right things.

The goals of ABAX’s Information Security are:

  • 0 breaches that affect personal data in our production systems
  • Up-time in production systems over 99.5% 



  • ABAX Planet (Map of Europe with ABAX offices highlighted in each country with picture of the entire team)
  • Management Team
  • Senior Management Team each with a profile picture and 2 sharp professionally relevant lines showcasing rebellious spirit and professional commitment to profitability.
  • Morten Strand
  • Bjørn Erik Brandsæter Helgeland (‘’A trailblazing mind, pioneering new avenues for ABAX to conquer. Enthusiastic about the future and the possibilities that lie ahead.’’)
  • David Norton
  • Paul Walsh
  • Bruce Atle Karlsen (‘’Governing a world-class organisation through performance and quality. Engaging and motivating our employees to deliver first, enthusiastically and profitably.’’)
  • Øyvind Stokstad
  • Jonny Hansen (‘‘Building a team of Solution Advisors that customize solutions to customer needs. Committed to sharing our innovations with thousands of companies.’’)
  • Sandra Lindberg (‘‘Enthusiastic doer with high working capacity and commitment. Curious soul that is always looking for the next success and is eager to test new things’’)


ABAX was founded in 2003 but the focus on GPS vehicle tracking first began after a collaboration with ETS (Electronic Tracking System) in 2009.

In 2011, a goal was outlined to establish a common, innovative atmosphere and be at the forefront of technology, product development and sales of tracking solutions for both private and business sectors. Today, ABAX has firmly established themselves as a market leader in the telematics industry by developing and delivering GPS tracking, electronic Triplogs, equipment & vehicle control systems and project management systems.

ABAX began in Norway, but growth saw progression into the Nordic regions, Europe and China. As of 2017, the ABAX Head Office is located in Larvik, Norway with additional operations in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Poland, and the UK. ABAX currently has over 450 employees divided amongst sales, customer services, marketing, quality, administration, finance and development departments. Based on research from Berg Insight (Berg Insight, 15th September 2016), ABAX was the fastest growing telematics company in Europe, growing by 50 per cent in 2015. The growth is a combination of organic and inorganic growth fuelled by high sales, profitable operations and new acquisitions. At the start of 2017, ABAX had 200,000 active subscriptions and over 20,000 customers.  

6th June 2017, a change of ownership for ABAX was announced. Norvestor Equity AS sold ABAX for 1.8 billion NOK to the global investment company Investcorp.

ABAX is currently owned by Investcorp.