ABAX Talents

ABAX Talents is a new sponsor concept in ABAX that will focus on and aim at supporting young talents. The deadline for 2018 applicants was 31st March 2018.

Norwegian racing talent Dennis Hauger behind the wheel of his F4 racing car

ABAX Talents is a concept that will focus on and aim at supporting young talented athletes and talents within music or culture. The talents will receive a one-year sponsor contract to support them in their endeavors towards reaching their goals. Additionally the ABAX Talents will be given the opportunity to receive and share knowledge with other talents.

ABAX Talents is not only about the talents winning medals and championships. ABAX Talents are talents that through determination, clear goals and hard work makes a difference for themselves and for those around them. This applies to both on and outside the court.  


  • Individuals only.
  • Role models and being a difference maker for one self, team-mates and competitors.
  • Maximum 20 years old.
  • Sports or Music and Culture.
  • Positive attitude and determination towards becoming the best version of one self, both on and outside the court.


Candidates who wish to extend their period of sponsorship will have to apply again when their contract expires.  


Apply by filling out the form below and tell us why you want to become an ABAX Talent and why we must choose you. 

Any questions can be sent to talents@abax.no 

Deadline for 2018 applicants was 31st March 2018.

ABAX Talents