Neighborly Brands

Formerly Dwyer Group, Neighborly Brands is a holding company of 22 service-based franchise organisations. Together, these brands provide a diverse array of specialty services through nearly 3,700 franchisees in nine countries.

What Neighborly franchisees think of ABAX

"We use ABAX Triplog every day to see where the guys are. We also use it for health and safety purposes, proof to a client of timing & also to let the customer know where we are situated when phone calls come in. We can see where the nearest vehicle is. The service is entirely dependable. It has increased our ability to track workforce which has made us more efficient. We know where employees should be. In terms of savings, this is probably intangible now that we rely on it. I would recommend other franchisees to use the system."

- Countrywide Grounds Maintenance, Perthshire


"The ABAX service is generally very good. ABAX has improved my business by giving us proof that we’d been where we said we’d go and to prove length of time on site to customers. If little things come up we can see where they are and if issues come up we can pick the closest driver. The system makes my business more efficient. I would recommend other franchisees to use ABAX."

- Countrywide Grounds Maintenance, Southampton


"The ABAX rep came in and did a good job. He caught me on a good day but we were looking for a tracking system at the time. We use it for time sheets for on-site jobs. The system does everything we need it to do. It’s helped us manage costs and make sure we’re charging the right amount for each contract. I would recommend it to others."

- Countrywide Grounds Maintenance, Stoke-on-Trent


"ABAX was recommended by the Neighborly group as a chosen supplier and that it was a service franchisees would be using. It was recognised it would be a service that would benefit us. We liked the fact we could pay monthly direct debit. The service is good. We like the map, seeing the guys and seeing the snail trail. It’s easy to use and the reports are also easy to use. I like the automatic reports I set up. I get the out of hours reports sent to my email because the guys take the vans home and we like this because we can see the out of hours usage. It gives us better control on where the lads are and where they should be. I would recommend it to others."

- Countrywide Grounds Maintenance, Lancashire


"We started using ABAX because we got broken into so we needed a tracker for security. We like the system a lot, it is easy to use. We get enquiries from customers and we can locate the nearest driver. We use it for proof of visit & timing. It has generally helped out my business & it has saved me money purely because of the control aspect. We use the reports too which are great. We would recommend it. We have already recommended ABAX to none franchisees too."

- Countrywide Grounds Maintenance, Oxfordshire


"We decided to start using ABAX as the pricing was really competitive. The fitting is easy and for that reason, there is no charge. Our previous supplier charged us to fit the units. The service is good. It's improved our business by helping us streamline the rounds & making the rounds more lucrative. It has helped us save time and fuel and helped with general better man management. It has saved us a lot of time and therefore money too. We're saving a third from what we were paying our previous supplier."

- Countrywide Grounds Maintenance, Stotfold


"The cost was much cheaper compared to our previous supplier. The trackers are easy to install & we can move them easily from vehicle to vehicle. The service is good. I've got no complaints about that. The trackers have helped me know where all my staff are located which helps a lot. It has helped me save both time and money & it's made us more efficient. I have already recommended ABAX to other franchisees and I will continue to do so."

- Drain Doctor, Bourne