National Merchant Buying Society (NMBS)

ABAX are a proud supplier for The National Merchant Buying Society. NMBS are a centralised buying group giving building merchants the power to buy products and services they require to be able to run their business efficiently and to run their day to day operations – all at a preferential rate. NMBS have partnered with various suppliers that offer products for the building trade and buyers have the freedom to go to them and save money. ABAX have been named the preferred supplier for the buying group giving us a better penetration into the building and construction market. Not only can building merchants save money when it comes to buying our products – they will also be able to streamline their business and fleet operations through the use of our products.

Find out what our NMBS customers say:

WSK Spalding Ltd

“We decided to start using ABAX so we were able to keep our customers updated as to where our guys were & it was really important for us also to keep an eye on them ourselves. There were quite a few breaks going on which we were aware about so it gave us extra peace of mind. Using ABAX has made us a lot more efficient and we would recommend ABAX to other companies.”


Oadby Building Products

“Ever since we installed tracking at our business, it improved the efficiencies throughout our company. ABAX is a cheaper and much better solution to our previous supplier. We would recommend ABAX to other companies.”


Palladium Limited

"Our drivers have become a lot more efficient since we installed ABAX devices. It has saved us a lot purely on workforce efficiencies alone. We use the system every day. We have recommended ABAX to our sister company already."


Mathewson & Rosemond Ltd

"We found out about ABAX through NMBS and it's a great system. It's given us better clarity. I keep an eye on the vehicles our despatch team love it. It has made us more honest as a company towards our customers and within ourselves. The system has helped us be more accountable, and has increased our accountability."


Kirby & Wells Limited

"We were looking for a new vehicle tracking system as our previous supplier were expensive. We leased our vehicle so it was going to cost us a fortune to remove it off. Then we found ABAX through NMBS and we have always trusted the NMBS and the suppliers they put forward so we gave ABAX a chance and it's looked great ever since. It's given us the ability to tell customers where we are, and provide a better customer service offering. Would definitely recommend."


Blanchford & Co

"We decided to start using ABAX purely to provide better customer service to our customers. It's improved our customer support a lot!"


GE Robinson

"We decided to start using ABAX for real-time tracking on where our vehicles are & to improve our customer service. We've been able to locate our vehicles which has improved our customer service tenfold. It’s improved our customer support by a lot already and made us more efficient as a business, as well as improving our fuel bill!"


P E T Hire Centre Limited

"We thought it looked excellent. It’s very consistent. We’ve had assets & machines stolen before but we’ve used other providers. We haven’t been able to recover the assets through those suppliers before which defeats the object of the whole thing. Then we saw ABAX and we realised how easy it was to install and move around. We’ve had people attempt to steal other machines since so when someone dodgy comes in, I can just move the trackers around and it gives me peace of mind. We did have something stolen once and located it instantly in Cheshire. We’ve used another supplier before but they don’t offer the service ABAX do. With ABAX we can move it around wherever we want. The service is also top notch!"


Stearn Electrical Liverpool

"We decided to start using ABAX purely as a tracking system as a location benefit for us. It's helped us also with potential theft and insurance rates. But for us the key thing is it has reduced the amount of calls we made to the drivers to find out where they were. Obviously now it is illegal for them to drive with a mobile phone so instead of ringing them to ask where they are, we use the ABAX system to locate them. We would absolutely recommend ABAX to other companies."


Hale & Co Ltd

"ABAX are great because they were the only company who sold to us exactly what we were looking for. Everyone else tried to sell us stuff we didn’t want. We are situated in a location where it’s really hard to pick up signal and the ABAX system is the only one that worked for us here because of its roaming sim. It’s improved our customer service because it helps us give them a better and more accurate ETA as to when we will be arriving because we are a builders merchant, it’s important to keep your customers informed. We operate a collection service too and the system helps us have happy customers which is always a good thing."


DJ Evans Ltd

"ABAX has been absolutely brilliant. It’s made us way more responsive. Customer service has improved so much. We are able to give our customers an ETA now and we have won business because of it. Customers have chosen to go with us because of our improved customer service. We can tell them when we are due to turn up and we would have lost business without being able to do this, in turn, its helped generate sales. We would absolutely recommend ABAX, the system is wonderful."


Canvey Supply Ltd

"We decided to start using ABAX to give our customers an ETA, which keeps them happy. We use the snail trail feature and that works well. The service is pretty damn good!"


Michael Pavis Limited

"The decision to start using ABAX was for a cost saving exercise. For us it was about saving money through running a more effective and efficient fleet of vehicles."


EPD Insulation Ltd

"We started using ABAX because it was easy to install. It was cheaper than our previous supplier who used to charge us for the unit & install which we didn’t have with ABAX. It helps us monitor efficiencies, give our customers a rough ETA and liaise with them too if we are stuck in traffic. The main savings for us were from swapping to ABAX from our previous supplier. We are aware the system and service operationally speaking, gives us savings but we saw a direct saving through swapping to ABAX in terms of what they charge in comparison to what our previous supplier charged."