Metro Rod

ABAX are delighted to be the preferred supplier and active partner for vehicle telematics for the Metro Rod group around the UK. Metro Rod is a leading provider of drain clearance and maintenance services delivered on a largely reactive basis. The services are provided by over 40 franchisees with geographical coverage across the majority of Great Britain. We provide the vehicle tracking for over 100 vehicles throughout the group , which are also able to monitor the progress of the workload when the workforce are out on the road through our project management system. Metro Rod have partnered with us because we offer a huge saving to each franchise through fuel savings and staff efficiencies, with a preferential group rate.

Metro Rod North Midlands

"We’ve found the system to be very reliable. It is very easy to swap from vehicle to vehicle if we take on a new vehicle because of the self-installable aspect. It has proved a useful tool for the office workers just to log in and see the operations of all the guys on the road. We also look back at routes taken and can see the efficiencies of the drivers. We can look at long journeys undertaken and try to reduce those longer journeys if we see they haven’t been very efficient. We’ve always had good back-up and support from ABAX too – if for example we have had an issue with one of the units, they’ve just simply sent us another one. It’s been so useful for our business. Highly recommend ABAX.’’

Metro Rod Manchester South Central

"Of the many choices of trackers, ABAX is the simplest to use. It’s very easy to install so that’s the key benefit for me. It’s very accurate as far as the use of the map and the trips are concerned and the software upgrades too. It’s fast, easy and simple to use.’’

Metro Rod Aberdeen

"It’s great that we can go in and check – we heavily use the system for the payroll. We use it to check jobs and what time the guys get home and leave for a job. Really good to check timesheets – we can see exactly how long they have spent on a job. If a customer is wondering where someone is, we can go in and check immediately and do a history check as well. Some of the drainers can be working really late and we can see that they get home safe after a job too.’’

Metro Rod South East Anglia

"Happy with the service, we were paying twice as much with a previous supplier – it’s simple and it does what it is supposed to do. It does its job.’’

Metro Rod Sheffield

‘’We used trackers on the vehicles before we started using ABAX and we saw that ABAX was a lot more competitive than our previous supplier – the units were free – we’ve always been happy with the service – it provides us with what we need. It’s not complicated and it enables us to see where our vans are. We can see the speed of the vehicles too which is useful. It really does give us everything we need.’’

Metro Rod Southampton

"We decided to use ABAX to monitor our van's locations enabling us to utilise jobs and fuel more efficiently. We also use ABAX as a security device, if any of our vans were reported stolen. We would be happy to recommend ABAX as a most helpful tracking system."

Metro Rod Mid Lancashire

"For what I use it for I think it’s brilliant – you can assess your engineers on where they need to be. You can track all the vehicles and see all the information you require. We use it as a tool to direct our engineers. The tracking side of it is absolutely fine.’’

Metro Rod Lincolnshire & Peterborough

"We know where the engineers are and it absolutely does what it says on the tin. It does everything we need it for. Great solution.’’