Leversedge Telecom Services

Leversedge Telecommunications are a specialised communications company helping companies better their communication with their customers. Leversedge predominantly specialise in data and communication for businesses who have fleets of vehicles & employees out on the road and need a system to better their communication for all staff that work remotely. More and more businesses these days allow their employees to work remotely and therefore require a way of communicating with their staff members who are out to streamline their business operations. Leversedge have partnered with ABAX because we provide the perfect solution for companies that are looking to communicate better with their staff on the road and streamline their fleet operations. This also includes reducing their fuel bill and other costs associated with running a fleet. Typically ABAX save companies 20-35% off their fuel and wage bill through our system and now Leversedge can look forward to offering such savings to their existing customers and future customers too. Finally, Leversedge look to inform all of their customers with information that comes through data that the technology provides, which is great for companies who want to improve the day-to-day running of their business.