Mileage Claim

Reduce fleet related costs with our accurate and HMRC compliant Mileage Claim solution for company, pool or grey fleets cars.


24/7 SupportCalls are answered by a person within 37 seconds. 


Roaming SIMWe connect to the strongest available network, so no map freezes or delay. 


Self-installableNo hidden installation costs, you can even fit our unit yourself at your convenience. 


Lifetime WarrantyFree replacement if our robust, IP67 certified hardware stops working.


Quality guaranteeCompliant with HMRC, GDPR and ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 certified.


Mobile applicationDrivers manage their business mileage records from the palm of their hand.

How does it work?



  • Discreet, self-installable hardware fitted to the drivers car
  • Trips are logged automatically and accurately using GPS technology
  • All trip information is only visible to the driver.


  • Driver administration time is reduced by an average of 2-hours per month
  • Business trips can be managed hassle-free any place any time
  • The HMRC compliant mileage claim is submitted from the palm of their hand


  • Records are standardised and ready to be quality checked
  • Mileage rates are automatically calculated
  • Any unapproved trips can be returned to the driver with comments
  • Paperless records are archived up to 7-years ready for a potential HMRC inspection

Get on track with your Mileage Claims today

Doesn't matter if you are one single user or need to administrate a fleet of mileage claim vehicles, our easy-to-use mileage claim solution is the right choice for you.