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ABAX Equipment Control User Manual


Installation Guide

In this guide you will find the answers to your questions regarding the administrator interface for ABAX Equipment Control. Need an installation guide instead? Click here for installation.


Equipment Control Dashboard

The dashboard is a new, easier way to keep track of your equipment by offering a one-page overview of the most important information regarding your equipment. Each administrator within a company has their own unique dashboard.

The available widgets to support the ABAX Equipment Control service are:

Widget NameDescriptionPurpose
Unit statusOverview of unit power and GPS statusHelp ensure that units are working correctly and fully utilised


To see a list of all your equipment, click on the submenu ‘Equipment’ under the menu ‘Equipment Control’.

When logging in for the first time, the list will only show the active ABAX Equipment Control units on your account, so you must assign each unit to the corresponding piece of equipment. To create the relevant equipment, click on one of the rows and the pop up window ‘Equipment details’ will appear. For the best set up installation, complete at least the following information:

NameName of the equipment
TypeType of equipment
Object descriptionDescription of the equipment
DepartmentName of the associated department

To organise your equipment, you can categorise by department. Clicking on a department will show a list of equipment within that department. If no department structure has been created, a full list of all equipment will be shown. For more information on departments, see the ‘Departments’ section within the Triplog guide

Each piece of equipment will show:

DepartmentName of the associated department
TypeType of equipment
NameName of the equipment
DescriptionDescription of the equipment
SerialThe unique serial number of the unit
Next serviceTime due until the next service (in hours) (if applicable)
Last positionTimestamp of the last reported position. If the last position is in red, that unit has been unreachable for at least 3 days
StatusIf the equipment has a Geo-fence activated
Battery change/chargeIf the unit requires a battery charge or change (if applicable)

Usage log

Usage log is only available as part of the ABAX Equipment Control Premium package. Usage log is similar to the ‘Service notifications’ feature for vehicles. The feature allows you to monitor the amount of usage on a piece of equipment and set up automatic notifications for when a service is due.

‘Usage log’ is found within the ‘Equipment details’ page. To activate, complete the following fields and press ‘Save’:

Initial usage time (hours)Time in hours the equipment has been before the ABAX Equipment Control unit was installed
Service interval (hours)Time in hours between service intervals
Hours before sending notificationThe number of hours before the next service interval you want a notification sending
Accumulated usage time at last serviceTotal number of hours the equipment has been used. If this value is incorrect you can adjust using the 'Calibrate usage time; button
Calibrate usage timeRecalibrate the 'Accumulated usage time

You can view the number of operating hours remaining and the date the next service is due from the main equipment list.

Activate/Deactivate GEO-fence

If the equipment stays within a specific Geo-fence area, you can activate area-control to receive a notification if the equipment unexpectedly leaves. In order to use this function, you must have an active Geo-fence created. A Geo-fence is created under the submenu ‘Geo-fence areas’ of the ‘Equipment’ menu. For more information see the ‘Geo-fence’ section within this guide.

To  ‘Activate / deactivate Geo-fence – Area control’ navigate to the ‘Equipment details’ page from your ‘Equipment’ list. You have the option to add or remove Geo-fence areas specific for each piece of equipment. Select the relevant area from the dropdown list and click ‘Save’. When the unit leaves the Geo-fence, it will activate a notification that is sent to the administrator system and, if set up, also deliver by SMS and/or email. How the notification is delivered is customised from the ‘Notification settings’ menu.

Notifications - Forwarding of notifications

If you require notifications from a specific piece of equipment to go to a specific person, you can do this from the ‘Notifications - Forwarding of notifications’ section of the Equipment details page.

Active tracking mode battery unit

If your equipment is lost or stolen, it is possible for the unit to send its location more frequently than normal. By entering active tracking mode, you will receive an update every 5-minutes for 2-hours after the next notification cyclus. Extended usage of this mode will affect internal battery life.

‘Active tracking mode’ is found within the ‘Equipment details’ page.


See the ‘Fleet Management’ section.

Or read the full version of map userguide.

GEO-fence Areas

Geo-fence area work the same as ‘Area administration’ for ABAX Triplog.Geo-fence areas allow you to create a virtual area that overlays the map. This area is given a name and used to help control your equipment. This area can be used in reporting features or help protect your equipment in the case of theft.

Create an area

The ‘Geo-fence areas’ submenu is found under the ‘Equipment Control’ menu. To begin, move your map to the location you would like to create an area and click ‘create a Geo-fence area. Manipulate the rectangle to a desired size. When you have drawn the area, you need to choose an ‘Area name’ and ‘Area address’. This information will override the usual address information, so choose something recognisable. Press ‘Save’ to save your area, or ‘Cancel’ to cancel and start again.

Delete an area

A list of the areas created by the administrator is displayed on the left. When clicking on one of these areas it brings up further information and moves the map to the area site. From here, you can delete the area. You cannot edit the drawn area, so if the area is incorrect, you will need to delete and redraw.


Types of reports

‘Reports’ are located under the ‘Equipment Control’ menu. You can choose between five reports:

  • Usage report
  • Notification report
  • Units in area
  • Servicing report
  • Equipment Time In Area Report

To generate a report, select the report type, a date range and then click ‘Generate report’.

Reports can be printed in PDF or saved for use in Microsoft Excel.

Usage report

Displays the number of hours the equipment has been in use and at which location. The report is split by equipment and includes the usage start and stop time, the address the usage took place and for how long.

Notification report

An overview of all the notifications on the equipment. It can be sorted to see all notifications or one specific notification.

Units in area

An overview of the number of hours the equipment has been in your Geo-fenced areas. It can be generated to display via department or area.

Servicing report

An overview of the servicing information for your equipment.

Equipment Time In Area Report

Displays the equipment’s time of entry, time of exit, total time in the area and the time since last visit.


For more information see the ‘Notifications’ section within the Triplog guide.

Types of notifications

  • Geo-fence: equipment out area
  • Low battery
  • No contact (GSM) in 25 days
  • No GPS position in 10 days
  • Service alert (less than 1 month until maintenance)

Geo-fence: equipment out area

A unit has moved outside of its Geo-fence area. An instant notification can be sent via Email and/or SMS.

Low battery

A unit has low battery. An instant notification can be sent via Email.

No contact (GSM) in 25 days

The unit has not recorded a GSM position in 25-days. The alert disappears when a new position comes. An instant notification can be sent via Email and/or SMS.

No GPS position in 10 days

The unit has not recorded a GPS position in 10-days. This is a common notification to indicate if the system is faulty. The alert disappears when a new position comes. An instant notification can be sent via Email and/or SMS.

Service alert (less than 1 month until maintenance)

A unit has less than 1-month until a scheduled maintenance is required. In order for this notification to work, you need to set up ‘Equipment control – Usage log’ for each piece of relevant equipment. An instant notification can be sent via Email and/or SMS.

Asset Tracking


ABAX Mini is a type of Equipment Control hardware. ABAX Mini is a smart, cost-effective way to monitor power tools and portable equipment. The position of ABAX Mini is visible in the live map (see Fleet Management section of the ABAX Triplog guide)


To install, first activate the ABAX Mini hardware by pressing the middle for 2-seconds. The red LED light is the sign of a successful activation. Then place the ABAX Mini on the exterior of the equipment as high up and far away from metal as possible. Placement should be in line of sight when walking around the equipment. If concealed placement is required, do not hide the ABAX Mini behind metal, as this blocks radio signals.

The position reported by ABAX Mini does not come from the unit itself. ABAX Mini uses a nearby ABAX4/5 unit to report its position. These units can either be your own or one of the ‘ABAX Global Network’. The ABAX Mini range is about 30-metres, but this varies depending on unit placement.

ABAX Mini set up

Navigate to the ‘ABAX Mini’ submenu under the ‘Equipment Control’ menu. This list will show you an overview of all of the ABAX Mini units associated with your account. You can sort the list by clicking on any of the column headings. The headings are:

DepartmentDepartment which the ABAX Mini belongs to
NameName of the unit
Serial NoThe unique serial number of the unit
Last seenTimestamp of when the ABAX Mini was last seen by ABAX hardware
Last seen byThe name of the hardware unit that last spotted the ABAX Mini.
'ABAX Global Network' will appear here if the unit was not your own

From the ABAX Mini inventory, you can click on any unit to add specific details. You can also toggle the unit on/off of the live map.

From the live map, you can click on any ABAX Mini icon to view further details. These details include; which unit was the last to see the ABAX Mini, its current address location, its GPS position in LAT/LON and a timestamp of its latest position. 

Find your MINI

The MINI unit can be tracked trough the app from your drivers.

To add you drivers to see all the company assets you have to enter "Company settings" and tick off: "Make equipment visabel for driver in mobile application."

There is also a "FIND MY MINI- function" that will activate a search mode when you know the asset is gone or stolen.

  • Log on
  • Chose Equipment Control
  • Chose ABAX MINI
  • Pick the lost asset
  • Activate "Find my mini"
  • Enter mail an phone number in the drop down menu

Wonder how to install HW for Equipment control?

Check out the ABAX Equipment Control 3 wire installation guide here