Tags overview

‘Tags’ allow you to describe your assets with keywords to help filter and customize reports in the map. Adding tags is a simple and fast way to increase the power and flexibility of your system. Tags can be added to both vehicles and equipment. 

  • To add a tag to a vehicle, open the ‘Vehicles’ menu: https://abax.cloud/central/assets/vehicles or find it from ‘Admin > Vehicles’. 
  • To add a tag to your equipment, open the ‘Equipment List menu‘ or find it from ‘Equipment Control > Equipment List’. 
  • Select the assets from the list.  
  • Select the ‘Tags’ tab.  
  • Add a new tag - Enter a keyword such as digger, trailer, diesel, site location, project number, etc.
  • You can add as many tags as you require. 
  • Remove an unwanted tag by clicking the ‘x’.