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Chris has saved 25% on his rental costs. 

Are you wondering how much you could save?

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Pro-Lifting UK Ltd use ABAX Triplog and Driving Behaviour to monitor their fleet of vehicles, and to see how they are being driven by their drivers. They are able to monitor whether the vehicles are being driven erratically, with regards to harsh braking and harsh accelerating. 

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ABAX tracking ensures that Pro-Lifting UK Ltd are tax compliant, if they were to face a tax audit. The management and employees spend less time filling out timesheets, as they are able to see where they were, at what time, through using the ABAX system. 


Saved £1000 in installation costs

within the business

10 Triplog

Vehicle Tracking

Chris no longer has to pay installation costs on the vehicle tracking, as the ABAX hardware is self-installable and only takes 10 minutes to install onto a vehicle.

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Increase in productivity

as employees work their full salaried hours.

10 Driving Behaviour

Vehicle Tracking

Chris can monitor how his drivers are driving his fleet of vehicles, and is notified when the vehicles need servicing. This reduces administration time for his business.

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"I never knew there would be so many benefits from using a tracking system to help me improve multiple areas in my business."

Chris Crowley - Pro-Lifting UK Ltd




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