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FAQ for ABAX Triplog app


Q: How do I set up my app to only track my work trips?

A: Tap on Settings → Tracking Schedule and tap on weekdays to choose the hours that you are working. Any trips made outside of these hours will not be tracked.

Q: Sometimes my trips aren’t tracked. Why does this happen?

A: You have to open the app before the first trip every day; this will ensure that the first daily trip will start as soon as the car moves. Ensure that you open the app within the tracking period. If you open the app before the tracking is scheduled, tracking will not be guaranteed to start immediately. If you don’t open the app, tracking will be delayed or sometimes not track at all.

You must also place the phone where it will receive GPS signals from the satellites. This is most probably best on the dashboard of the car.

Q: Can I add trips manually?

A: Yes, you can. Tap on Your Trips menu and select the + icon in the bottom right corner. Type your start date and time, and from start location to stop location. The app will figure out the distance and driving time for the trip, which you can edit if you require.

Q: How do I add toll road charges and other expenses to a trip?

A: Tap on Your Trips menu, and select the trip you want to add expenses to. Tap on Extras and Expenses and add the expenses you want.

Q: The app is draining my battery fast when I drive. Why?

A: When you are driving, the app will switch on the GPS location system on the iPhone. It will always be on during the tracking period. For long trips it is advisable to plug your iPhone into a USB outlet in your car.

Q: I have some trips in Your Trips list that are private. Can I delete them?

A: You can either delete them, or mark them as private, if you want to keep those trips in your driving list. To delete a trip, swipe from right all the way to the left, and tap OK on the dialog that asks you if you want to delete the trip.

To make the trip private, swipe from the right to the middle, and three buttons will show enabling you to select «Trip Type», «Purpose», or «Delete». Tap on the «Trip Type» button to select Private trip.

You can also tap on the trip itself, and then select «Trip Type» if you find that easier.

Q: I want to report problems that I have with my app. How do I do this?

A: We have a help tool that you can use to report problems you have directly to ABAX. Tap on About ABAX menu, and then tap on the «Send Diagnostics Information». Write the information you want to convey to ABAX in the description view, and tap Send. Tap Send again if you don’t want to make any further corrections to the email, and ABAX will take care of your problem requests in our support department.

Remote Support

In some situations remote assistance may solve your problems. We offer remote help through TeamViewer. Please do the following to get ready:

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  • After completing the installation you will see this window
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