ABAX Zego Installation

The ABAX Triplog unit is a complete system for logging and reporting your vehicles trips. The small and compact design in conjunction with the latest positioning technology, GSM communication and movement detection, ensures accurate logging and reliable position data collection.

The ABAX unit is designed to be installed by a customer with minimal technical understanding and requires no specialist tools. A standard installation involves connecting the red cable to the positive vehicle battery terminal and the black cable to the negative vehicle battery terminal.

For best performance, ABAX recommends the unit be mounted on the outside of a vehicle at the bottom corner of the windshield. However, for aesthetic or security reasons, some customers request the unit is not visible. As with all GPS technology, the unit will only work effectively when concealed under non-metallic materials such as plastic or glass, so efforts must be made to ensure metallic surfaces do not cover or interfere with the unit and affect signal strength.



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