Installation type:


Estimated installation time:

10 minutes

Required tools:

Usually a 10mm or 13mm socket set


Red wire:

For permanent power

Black wire:

For ground (earth)

Do not mount the unit under metal as it may interfere with GPS signal strength.

When installing an ABAX Triplog unit on an HGV, the simplest method is to connect the unit directly to the battery of the vehicle. The unit can be connected to either 12V or 24V. A socket set or spanner can be used to connect to the pre-existing connections on the battery.

ABAX Triplog HGV Installation


The mounting position will vary depending on battery location, but it is important to remember GPS and GSM signals are impaired by metal. Therefore the unit should not be installed in a position where the metallic body of the vehicle can interfere with signal strength.

If the battery is under the trailer, we recommend that the unit is mounted on the side of the battery rather than on top – therefore facing outwards, rather than up towards the floor of the trailer.

If the battery is located along the centre line of the HGV, for the best possible signal, we recommend the unit is mounted outside the battery compartment. However, it is okay to conceal the unit inside the battery box if it is plastic.

ABAX Triplog HGV Installation