ABAX RFID User Manual

To keep tax compliant mileage records it is vital that each business trip is associated with a driver. For companies that operate pool fleets or regularly change vehicles, this can be a logistical nightmare. To help, ABAX has developed the ABAX RFID READER that allows a driver to log in to a vehicle via a company RFID card or ABAX RFID tag. Our system then logs any mileage driven against that driver, ensuring records remain auditable and compliant.

How to mount and log onto ABAX Driver ID

Using the Velcro supplied, mount the reader on the dashboard of the vehicle within 70 cm of the ABAX4 or ABAX5 triplog unit.

To sign in as a driver, press the ‘PRESS’ button with their RFID card or tag. A beep tone and green light will confirm a successful login. After the trip, log out of the vehicle by pressing the blue X-button. Log out will be confirmed by a beep tone and a red light.


Getting started

When ABAX RFID READER is ordered, ABAX requires a list of all drivers, RFID card numbers and vehicles to simplify the onboarding process for the company's administrator. ABAX will add all the drivers into the system and connect them with their respective ID cards (a company own or ordered from ABAX). If ABAX does not receive a list, or the company adds new employees with new ID cards, the administrator can enter these details.

Do not add an ID card number at this stage, it will automatically be linked to the driver in the next step.

Linking to the RFID Card

Linking the RFID card 

In order to link a driver to their ID card, the driver should log into an RFID reader of a vehicle by pressing the reader with their unregistered ID card. (If they are not completing a trip, they can log off by pressing the blue X button.) To link the unregistered ID card to the driver, select ‘RFID Log’ from the ‘Triplog’ main menu and find the date and time when the driver logged in with their ID card.


The example below shows that a person logged into a vehicle with registration number LN16JZL on 16.02.2018. The Event column displays the unassigned ID card number.


To link the ID card to the driver, click on that row and a pop-up window will appear. From the drop-down menu, select the driver to whom the ID card belongs and press OK.

On the next trip, a drivers name will be registered with the trip.


A trip without a driver

A trip without a driver

If a driver forgets to log in to the vehicle, the trip will appear under ‘Notifications’ as a ‘trip without a driver’. The administrator can add or change to the correct driver by clicking on the trip row.

The latest RFID reader hardware will remind drivers to log in with a beep if vehicle movement over 300 m is detected. A driver can log in with their ID card for up to 2 minutes after the trip is complete.

The driver will remain logged in until they log out (by pressing the blue X-button) or another driver logs in to the vehicle.


How to reset your ABAX Driver ID

How to reset your ABAX Driver ID



To find out more about system training, click here.