ABAX Fleet Management User Manual

In this guide you will find the answers to your questions regarding the administrator interface for ABAX Fleet Management. If there are any questions that remain unanswered, our Customer Service department is available 24/7. 


Fleet Management


‘Fleet Management’ is a main menu within the Triplog administrator interface and gives you real-time access to your fleet in a map. The map is also available under the ‘Equipment Control’ menu and the ‘Map’ submenu- but this map will only show your Equipment (if applicable).

In the map view, you see all vehicles that have this feature enabled. Each vehicle is shown by an arrow; green is moving, red is stationary. Equipment is show by a black gear. If too many units are in close proximity, they will be clustered. Clicking on a cluster will zoom further and open the cluster.

The map will update every 30 seconds or if a vehicle changes direction. The system uses HERE Maps. In the bottom right corner you can use Google Street View and in the top right you can zoom or change the view between Map, Terrain or Satellite.

Clicking on any vehicle or piece of equipment will bring up further details including signal strength, current speed and associated tags. From this menu you can also choose to send a SMS to the driver or ‘Show latest 20 positions’. The last 20 positions option will bring up a ‘snail-trail’ of the last 20 GPS markers.

In the top left, you will find drop down menu options and a search field. From the search field you can search for a department, driver area or location. For example, if you receive an urgent call and you need to see who in your fleet is closest to a specific address, you can type the address in the search field. The fleet tracking system will then bring up a list of the 5 closest vehicles, so you can be efficient in your vehicle management.

16.1 Map menu

Show vehicle:

Toggle vehicles on or off in the map. The default option can be updated in your ‘Company settings’.

Show Equipment:

Toggle equipment on or off in the map. The default option can be updated in your ‘Company settings’.

Show ABAX Mini:

Toggle ABAX Mini on or off in the map.

Show Areas:

Toggle created areas on or off in the map. The default option can be updated in your ‘Company settings’.

Show Label:

Toggle the driver label on or off in the map. The information displayed on the label can be changed in your ‘Company settings’.


Toggle clustering on or off in the map. The default option can be updated in your ‘Company settings’.

Show Traffic

‘ABAX Traffic Flow’ is an add on feature available in the ABAX Professional package. Enabling ‘Show traffic’ adds a layer to your map, colour coding the roads based on how heavy the traffic is. The data for this service is delivered by Google, and has proven to be very accurate.

Follow the selected vehicle

If you want to follow one of the vehicles in your fleet, search the vehicle, click on the vehicle and mark ‘follow selected vehicles’. The map will automatically follow the vehicle on its trip.

Create an area

You can also create an area directly from the live map view. When selecting the option the area tools appear in the top right. For information on how to create an area, see the ‘Areas’ section of this guide.