ABAX Equipment Control: 3 Wire Installation


Installation type:

3 wire installation (Usage Logging)

Typical equipment:

Heavy plant machinery (Excavators, Diggers, Generators etc.)

Estimated installation time:

20 minutes

Required tools:

Soldering iron, heat-shrink kit, multimeter


Red wire

For permanent power

Black wire

For ground (earth)

Yellow wire

For a power source that is active when the ignition is on

Do not mount the unit under metal as it may interfere with GPS signal strength.

In this example, we will mount an ABAX Equipment control unit in a Hitachi excavator. Other plant machinery will differ, but the principles remain the same.

ABAX EQ installation


Use a multimeter to locate a source for a permanent power supply (12V or 24V), ignition feed and ground (earth). You will then likely need a soldering iron to make the necessary connections.

ABAX EQ installation

In this example, the power connections are easily accessible by removing the CD player and plastic cover. The unit can be mounted to the frame and the plastic cover will not obstruct the GPS signal.

ABAX EQ installation


In this example, power, ignition and ground are found using an existing connector block.

ABAX EQ installation


Use the multimeter to verify that the 12V/24V power source is permanent and that the ignition feed switches on/off with the ignition.

ABAX EQ installation

Prepare the ABAX wires for soldering.

ABAX EQ installation

Use a solder iron or an appropriate connecting tool to connect the red wire to a permanent feed, black to ground and yellow to an ignition source. Where appropriate, cover with heat shrink tubing to prevent short-circuiting.

ABAX EQ installation

When the unit is receiving power, an LED light will blink.

ABAX EQ installation


Details of the exact light sequence can be found in the box.

It is not essential to wait for the cycle to complete.

ABAX EQ installation


Secure and cable tie any loose wires. Ensure that they will not get trapped or interfere with hot or moving parts.

ABAX EQ installation


Make a note on the box of the details of the equipment, current running hours and serial number.

ABAX EQ installation