ABAX Driver ID with ABAX Mobile User manual

How to log on using the ABAX Triplog app

1. Open the App Store or Google Play

2. Search and download the “ABAX Triplog” app

3. Enter your username and password – they will be the same as your main login

Note: If your username or password is unknown, your administrator can send a reminder by SMS

4. Choose ‘Settings’ from the menu bar

5. Choose ‘Select Vehicle’

Note: iPhone users may be prompted to turn on location services – you can do this from the iPhones Settings > Privacy > Location Services

6. Shown is a list of available vehicles ordered by nearest first and a search bar. You will also see if you are currently logged on to a vehicle

7. To log on to a vehicle, find and select it from the list

8. You will remain the active driver until:

a. You press ‘Log off vehicle’ button

b. Another driver logs on to the same vehicle

Driver ID
Driver ID 2


Driver ID 3
Driver ID

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