ABAX Comply - Compliant digital mileage tracking

Digital mileage tracking offers a simple, easy and accurate solution for recording historical trips, and protecting drivers personal and professional miles.

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ABAX Comply

Compliant trip logging

Easily track and record mileage using ABAX Comply's accurate reporting. Historical trips are available for up to 7 years.

Personal and business trips can be reported on separately if required, protecting employee's privacy.

ABAX Comply

Reduce admin and ensure tax compliance

All trip records are stored digitally, with minimal input from admininstration staff or drivers, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities.

HMRC compliance, guaranteed. Digital mileage tracking with ABAX Comply is in accordance with HMRC requirements, making audit preparation and mileage submission a simple, streamlined task.

ABAX Comply

Accurately record driving times

Identify if improvements can be made in route planning, driving style and deliver a more accurate customer service with accurate driving records.

Keep drivers wellbeing at the centre of your business by monitoring the hours being worked.

How can ABAX Comply benefit your business?


Accurate mileage tracking and claims


Tax compliance


Trip history logged for up to 7 years


Automated digital tracking reduces admin time


Quick and simple set-up and use


Round-the-clock support from mileage tracking experts

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Charley McCulloch

Compliance Manager at FDS

"We log into our ABAX tracker every morning – the rule at FDS is ‘it’s always on the screen’. Having the ABAX system installed has added great value to our company; it’s made us all much more efficient."