ABAX MobiSense

Make sense of your mobility data

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Manage your business 24/7

Easy access from your phone

The Admin App makes it easier to manage and edit asset information and submit trips from your phone.

  • Edit asset details directly in the app.

  • Change current driver.

  • Control of all company vehicles, equipment, machines and tools.

  • Search for assets.

  • Real-time location and status of your assets.

  • Quick and easy overview of all company tools from the map.

  • See historical positions in the map.

  • Choose your preferred map view.

  • All assets in the map will provide you with relayed information when ticking on its symbol.

  • Scan for your MINI2 equipped tools directly from your mobile.

Pick your preferred default view


Pick the map view of your choice and get quick access to all of the tools your company manages.

  • See vehicles, tools and machines live within the map

  • Live updates on parked, moving or idling vehicles

  • Updates every 10 seconds

  • Zoom in and out of the map

  • Scan for nearby tools with our BLe-tracker MINI2

  • Get detailed route instructions between your position and a selected asset